Makoto Azuma (japanese flower artist) AMKK ‘Azuma Makoto Kaju Kenkyusho’
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Makoto Azuma said, in Tokyo Minami Aoyama of haute couture flower shop set up the “Jardin de Fleur (JARDINS des FLEURS)”. “AMKK” (Azuma Makoto Kaju Kenkyusho) populations to expand its east Mr. sponsored creation of the flowers and plants and theme.

fter Tokyo at the age of 21, consists that began a part-time job in a flower shop to work in the middle trader market, to wear the technology and knowledge in self-taught. Opened a small flower shop in a corner of Azabu super at 23 years of age, then opened in Ginza Komatsubiru at 25 years of age. This is the beginning of the “Jardin de Fleur”. Then until now, and continue to make a unique bouquet attract one person customers as florist of full bespoke not put even one flower. On the other hand at the beginning a solo exhibition in NY ·

Tribeca than 2005, window display at the Paris Colette, Art performance or the like in the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, also energetically deployment activities as an artist. Continues to represent the flowers and plants of beauty from your own point of view, to give an impact to the closed Japanese flower industry at the time. Then, opening their own private gallery in limited two years from 2007. Paris, Germany, Belgium, China, Brazil, Mexico, etc., I continue the expressive activities a wide variety at home and abroad. In addition, a population to continue to expand the experimental creation that was his flower-plant material than in 2008, “Makoto Azuma, flower tree Institute” launched the, mystery that only flowers, plants has Through the expression converts sex aesthetic level, and continues to consistently activities to increase the intrinsic value of the plant.

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