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Nike (NIKE) opens a new store "NIKELAB MA 5" on Thursday December 1, 2016 in Tokyo · Minami Aoyama.

Inside the track-like shop, the element of "sum" is also in the fitting room of tatami mat
"NIKELAB MA 5" is the seventh store in the world, following New York, London, Paris, Milan, Shanghai and Hong Kong. It will be opened on the site of The POOL aoyama.

Inside the shop reminiscent of the land track, we mixed tatami mats on the floor of the fitting room and hinoki as part of the furniture, we also mixed the unique culture of Japan. In addition, installation on the center screen imagining deployed items can also be unfolded. Women's on the right side facing the inside of the shop, men's collection on the left side.

Address: 5-12-24 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo Chateau Oriental Minami Aoyama 1F
Opening hours: 11: 00-20: 00
TEL: 03-6427-2560 (Open from the opening date)
Store area: 164.63 m²
Irregular holiday

NIKE Customer Service
TEL: 0120-6453-77

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