La kagu
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Equipped with a fashion and lifestyle goods Cafe furniture book space lecture space , curated store to propose a life style of ‘ food, clothing and shelter + intellectual ‘

“La kagu” The concept of “REVALUE”.
Not affected by trends, “what is from a long time ago” and the original attitude of trying to find the value in the “now also want things to cherish”, the life style of “food, clothing and shelter + knowledge”, and edit in your own eyes the proposed and will continue to.

“La kagu” is
Fashion, household goods, equipped cafe, furniture, book space, a lecture space, it is curated store. “Curator” (= connoisseur) our each category, relying his experience and the sense of carefully selected “really good thing”, we recommend.

Design design of the building of “la kagu” is Kuma-ken Shingo Architecture and Urban design office.
Book of the warehouse of Shinchosha which was built in 1965’s, originally. And minimalist space that takes advantage as it is the hard atmosphere, and the city of culture rich Kagurazaka, and connect the grand staircase and wood deck. “La kagu” is a living culture of Japan, is a shop to proceed in one step ahead.


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